Life Insurance Living Benefits

Life insurance is a financial toolLife insurance is a financial tool that you can use for a number of different purposes.  Yes, the basis is that you pay a premium so that if you die, your beneficiary gets a benefit.  Life insurance living benefits range from tax free savings for retirement, long term care coverage, disability coverage, estate planning, etc.

Now is not the time to discuss what Life Insurance is or isn’t.  Though, life insurance isn’t a religion.  Ever hear someone say “I don’t believe in life insurance?”  That’s like saying I don’t believe in the sun.  If you don’t own life insurance there is a reason, but belief isn’t valid.

You obviously want to pay a fair premium for your insurance coverage, but finding the company and coverage that is best for you can be very difficult.  Because of the personal nature of the health questions required to qualify for life insurance, we can’t have an automated quote system.  That said, if you are in need of coverage or if you want to have questionsus review your existing coverage, we are happy to do that for you at no charge.

We want you to know that you’re getting fair treatment from us.  Give us a call or schedule a meeting and we’re happy to answer any and all of your questions.